How large is your organisation?

We are a very small organisation, currently myself (Julian Kemp), and my partner. We do not have offices or employees, we are not a limited company, and this is our first website! We operate from home, our garage is our warehouse.

How many books do you collect each year?

Last year we collected just under 5000 textbooks and managed to trade just under half that figure.

Do I need to do any packing to have my books collected?

I always bring a trolley and plenty of crates to each collection so all you need to do is place the books outside your door and email me your office location. We would recommend placing a note on top of your texts to prevent them being cleared away prior to our collection.

Why have you changed your name from Fairtrade books to bookharvest?

We wanted to offer a website and unfortunately fairtradebooks.co.uk was already taken! Bookharvest seemed an appropriate alternative in line with our ethos.

Future plans?

We are currently investigating different forms of incorporation with a view to possibly expanding, adding staff and growing. We have been looking at the social enterprise model for a while and that may be the best route forward, again we welcome suggestions!